3 New Ways You Can Make Money Through Instagram

New ways for creators to earn revenues through Instagram audiences are out! Instagram has lately introduced new monetization features, so let’s take a look at them:

Instagram Subscriptions

Subscriptions allow creators to offer exclusive content in exchange for a monthly payment from their followers. This new feature started as a test back in January, and it is now available for all creators as one of the best options for earning predictable income.

Once you activate this feature, you can start posting subscriber-only: livestreams, stories, posts, reels, group chats, etc. You can also promote subscriptions on your stories with a dedicated sticker that will take your followers to the subscription page.

Instagram Gifts  

With the new Gifts feature, Instagram creators can earn money from reels. Users can send digital gifts to the creators to show appreciation for their favorite reels. These gifts are paid for with stars and purchased with real money. When a creator receives a gift, they earn a cut of what the user spent to send it.

Even though this new feature is exciting, gifts are currently in testing with a limited number of creators.

Instagram Digital Collectables

Instagram is launching a feature for NFT creators that will serve as a new way for them to mint their digital collectibles and sell them to the audience.

NFT artists can now offer their works for sale on their Instagram profiles. Instagram is testing this feature with a small group of US creators and is expected to expand in more countries soon.

Meta is rolling out new features every day. If you are a creator, stay updated with every change you can benefit from. The Digital World has significantly focused on creators; this is your moment!



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