5 Reasons Why Small Businesses Should Run Instagram Giveaways

For a small business, Instagram Marketing is one of the most effective and budget-friendly marketing strategies. The main intention of Instagram Marketing is to build a community with loyal fans/customers, which eventually can be translated into sales.

But which is the fastest and safest way to reach this? Our answer is GIVEAWAYS, and here is why:

  1. They build brand awareness

Who doesn’t love the phrase “For Free”?  It is proven that people love free stuff, and that’s why running an Instagram giveaway is a proven way to grab your target audience’s attention and spread the word about your company. While hosting a  giveaway, you can also ask the participants to tag their friends in the comments, which is a great way to boost organic reach and attract new potential followers.

  1. Increase user engagement

Most giveaways require participants to like and comment, which is why these posts generate higher engagement. The Instagram algorithm makes popular posts more visible, so getting likes and comments is a must! Moreover, Instagram giveaways also help you make a strong first impression and help build brand credibility.

  1. Get more Instagram followers 

It’s no doubt that the primary purpose of a giveaway is to grow the follower base. Since the company wants to promote its giveaway and attract more participants, it invites participants to tag a friend and share the post via Instagram Stories, increasing the chances of many new followers.

  1. Boost eCommerce sales 

It takes much time and effort to sell products on Instagram. Luckily, Instagram giveaways help to speed up the process. A good strategy is giving away gift certificates that allow winners to choose something that suits their needs and wants.

  1. Secure collaboration with influencers

Running an Instagram giveaway is a perfect way to establish a connection with an influencer.

Since most influencers want to increase the following count and user engagement, teaming up with small brands helps offer better prizes and get more contest participants.

If you own a small business and still haven’t hosted an Instagram Giveaway, this article is your sign to host the first one! Take the opportunity to expand your customer base quickly.



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